Welcome to 'In Good Company'

Written by a BAFTA nominated screenwriter to help develop more engaging leaders

What is 'In Good Company'?

'In Good Company' is our 10-part TV-drama series, following the journey of four characters at Emerson Software Solutions, delivered through an online learning platform. The characters might be fictional, but the science is real. We’ve enlisted eminent experts to comment on the action and underpin the drama with neuroscience and psychology. Each episode adds more to the developing story and includes a mix of office drama, professional commentary and assessments for managers to complete at the end of each episode.

Online Interactive Materials

You will be provided with online interactive workbooks and an interactive reflective journal.

'In Good Company' Online provides you with 12-months unlimited access to our specially developed leadership programme, allowing you to revisit as many times as you would like, to refresh your learning

10 Engaging Episodes

Each episode is no more than 20 mins in length and this is broken down in the following way:

* Introduction video including a summary of learning from the previous episode

* The episode of 'In Good Company'

* Analysis and insights by an eminent Behavioural Psychologist

* Reflection from the characters

* A short assessment

* A summary video highlighting key learning to become a more engaging leader


Feedback from teams and Managers

"Our manager is a lot more approachable and easier to speak to. She is now a pleasure to work with"

"I think there has been a marked sea-change in how the department communicates with each other"

"Managers have been more open and considerate to others. Shift in company focus towards customer/ staff well-being"

"Difficult to pinpoint, given the time we’ve worked together, but I’d say level of relatedness is at an all-time high"

"People taking time to consider how their actions may affect the rest of the team and are more open to discussing emotions"

"Positive steps to listen more, pro-actively showing genuine interest in how I am feeling. Recognises impact of work/life balance"

Multiple Purchases

Multiple Subscriptions: If you would like to purchase multiple subscriptions (up to 10), you will need to process the transactions separately for each individual. For more than 10 subscriptions, please contact the team at: support@theengagementcoach.co.uk 

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